Paliwoda Law

Our law firm – a team of practitioners with years of successful experience in claims handling, litigation, consumer protection, and advocacy. Our company provides legal services with a few simple goals: to aid clients navigate the deliberate complexities of insurance, to ensure our clients acquire the proper medical treatment, to proactively respond to any questions in a timely matter, and to provide our best legal expertise towards an exceptional resolution.


We have been providing quality legal representation in high-profile injury cases for over 27 years. The firm has an established reputation for prompt and courteous client treatment, paired with aggressive litigation and negotiation skills.
Legal Representation
The Paliwoda Law Firm works diligently to protect your rights and obtain the best possible financial result for you. As your advocate, we balance the playing field between individual consumer and large insurance carriers who would otherwise disregard your claim.
Injury Cases
While we specialize in catastrophic cases, our firm handles most types of injury cases, from car crashes to products liability to malpractice claims.

our winsin court

Our firm has verdicts and settlements to its credit of over 75 million dollars. We use this track record and reputation to efficiently resolve your personal injury case in a courteous, efficient and profitable manner.

Paliwoda Law Firm Facts

The firm has been featured in Verdicts Weekly, the Los Angeles Daily Journal, and other trial digest publications for their numerous verdicts and settlements. They have negotiated multiple multi-million dollar settlements based on wrongful death claims and injuries ranging from paralysis to amputation.

We've been in business for more than 27 years
Our firm has verdicts and settlements to its credit of over 75 million dollars.
We have won more than 90% of our cases